The BWHazel Web API is a set of RESTful web services offering functionality seen within my web sites to others to use in their own sites and apps. They offer output data in JSON and XML and are therefore universal across all platforms. Information and documentation on the services are provided on this site; use the Info and API links above respectively.

Please note that this site is still in beta therefore content and functionality could change at any time. I shall aim to avoid large changes to the services; ancy changes will be posted on this site in advance.


The services currently offered by the Web API are listed below with their functionality.

Service Description Functionality
Nucleics Represnts the central dogma of molecular biology.
  • Central Dogma: Convert from ssDNA into complimentary ssDNA, mRNA and protein strands.
  • Peptide Code Customisation: Return peptide chains using 1 or 3 character symbols.
Numerics Offers mathematical conversions and calculators ranging from binary operations to recreational ones.
  • Binary: Interconvert between decimal and binary.
  • Recreational: Determine number happiness and the volume of a pizza.


The Web API is currently hosted on the free tier of Microsoft Azure. This tier offers a limited amount of computer resources to sites running within it. Usage of the services within the Web API is encouraged but should be used fairly.